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Individual counseling offers a safe, caring, and confidential environment to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors...

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Marriage counseling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships...

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Family Counseling allows each family member to rely on one another to work towards desired family changes...

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Group therapy provides treatment to participants that share related problems...

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"La Francine Wells Bradford is an excellency counselor and mentor. Total professional."
Joyce Toney - LMS & Professional Holistic Life Coach

"Francine is talented, gifted and dedicated to her work. You could call her one of the best of the best."
Linwood Sloan

"Mrs. Francine helped me in many ways. She changed my life. She helped me with my mental health and my self esteem. I have a different way of looking at life and is still changing."
Esther Holsendolph

"Mrs. Francine have did a lot by helping me improve my self esteem and showed me how to love myself again and for that, I love her. She let me know that my life is going to be alright. With her help, I am 3 yrs. clean! Thank you friend, I love you."
Frances Cradic