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Our Mission

The mission of Renewed Mind Counseling Center is to help you achieve your highest potential; meet and exceed challenges needed to take your life to the next level, and explore possibilities for future success and improvement in the quality of life.

Why Choose Us

Renewed Mind Counseling Center focuses on creating a comfortable and stress-free environment all while providing high quality professional service. We will work hard to equip you with the tools you need to experience the abundant life God has in store for you. We use a biblical approach in working with you to meet your desired goals. We strive to maximize happiness in the lives of all clients equipping them with brief, solution-focused treatment, a family-centered approach which demonstrates effectiveness, as well as other problem solving techniques which will potentially enable clients to make best life decisions. Our counseling is garnered towards the internal healing of the individual by which will brighten the spirit, uplift the self-esteem, and enhance the confidence of each person receiving our services. We offer a wide array of services treating the full range of mental and emotional disorders. Adolescent drug abuse, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, partner violence, women's/ men's issues, grief as well as marital distress and conflict — are just some of the conditions Renewed Mind Counseling Center effectively treat. We are also available to provide mental health trainings and speaking engagements.

Meet Our Team

LaFrancine Wells Bradford, LMFT

"Dwell in the Possibilities"

Katherine Freeman, LCSW

"Heal • Restore • Equip"

LaFrancine Wells Bradford

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist who specializes in couples therapy, mood disorders, alcohol & addiction treatments, trauma and stress related disorders, grief, anger management, and Post-Traumatic Stress disorder therapies. I use a Person Centered Theory approach to treatment along with some Solution Focus and Cognitive Behavioral Theory as the need arises. As a counselor for 7 years and an non-commissioned officer in the military for 23 years, I have 30 years of experience in problem solving, customer service, professionalism, and confidentiality. I am straight forward, yet compassionate and caring person. Integrity is held in high regard to my personal character as well as my biblical foundation. I strive to promote emotional healing and optimum mental health to negotiate life adjustments. My goal as your therapist is to help you reach your lifetime goals.
LaFrancine Wells Bradford
“Dwell in the Possibilities”

Katherine Freeman

I graduated from Valdosta State University with a Master's in Social Work in 2010 and have 7 years experience in counseling. I have clinical experience in various settings including community mental health, Valdosta State University's counseling center, as well as private practice. I also have been providing crisis assessments for the past 7 years.
Katherine Freeman
“Heal - Restore - Equip”


"La Francine Wells Bradford is an excellency counselor and mentor. Total professional."
Joyce Toney - LMS & Professional Holistic Life Coach

"Francine is talented, gifted and dedicated to her work. You could call her one of the best of the best."
Linwood Sloan

"Mrs. Francine helped me in many ways. She changed my life. She helped me with my mental health and my self esteem. I have a different way of looking at life and is still changing."
Esther Holsendolph

"Mrs. Francine have did a lot by helping me improve my self esteem and showed me how to love myself again and for that, I love her. She let me know that my life is going to be alright. With her help, I am 3 yrs. clean! Thank you friend, I love you."
Frances Cradic